Decide Where to Search

Are certain sources required?
Look at whether the assignment specifies using peer reviewed articles, newspaper articles, data, books, and/or videos.

Does your topic lend itself to a particular type of source?
Your research topic will have an impact on the kinds of sources that you will use. History and Fashion majors tend to rely on the use of books while Allied Health and Psychology majors rely on scholarly journals. Most majors are interdisciplinary and use a variety of sources including books, newspapers, journals, magazines, and credible websites.

Who writes about your topic?

Consider who the experts in your specific field are. Your professor should be able to assist you with this information.

See recommended sources for each discipline or subject are located in the Research Guides.

Guides for Different Types of Resources

  • General Search - Use Laser Search for a comprehensive search of our collection including books, journals, and electronic books.
  • Books - Use our Minuteman Library Online Catalog to find books in our library and other libraries in our immediate network
  • Articles - Search Laser Search or use the Research Guides to find articles. You can also search for a discipline-specific article database using the Database A-Z List. Please contact a reference librarian for assistance.
  • Primary Sources - Primary source material includes:
      • correspondence
      • diaries
      • interviews
      • personal narratives
      • oral histories
      • case law, etc.

These sources will be found in books, journal articles or credible websites. Please contact a reference librarian for assistance: