Find Access to Full Text Article

First, make sure you are selecting Full-Text within the search tools on the left hand side of Laser Search.

You can also use journal locator to see if Brennan Library has access to a full-text article within a journal. 

If the article citation does not include links to the full text, select the  Online Access from Lasell's Full Text Finder link to check availability.  Online Access from Lasell's Full Text Finder searches Brennan Library and connects you to where you can find the item. You can then find out if the Brennan Library has the item online or in print, and access it or check it out. 

The image below shows the  Online Access from Lasell's Full Text Finder button in the Laser Search or EBSCO database.


The image below shows an article and @ Lasell Library link in Google Scholar.


The image below shows how the links from above led us to the Brennan Library Catalog. We can see that the article from above is available online through Lasell, and we can click the link to view it online.

 Navigating Laser Search to Full Text

If Brennan Library does not hold the article online or in print, order it through Interlibrary Loan.