Search for Newspaper Articles

Newspapers cover current events and contain both descriptive news stories and editorials on current events. Newspaper articles are reported by professional journalists who do considerable research and interview the people involved for each story. News reports are fact-checked for accuracy by editorial staff.

Newspapers provide:

  • Coverage of current events
  • Eyewitness accounts of an event
  • In-depth coverage of local issues
  • The public's reaction to a specific event or issue

Search Newspapers at Brennan Library

Brennan Library has the following newspapers available in the browsing area at the front of the library:

  • Boston Globe - current week available
  • New York Times - current week available
  • Wall Street Journal - 6 months available

You also have access to many newspapers online through Laser Search. Search for your topic and then select News under Format.

Filter for News in Laser Search

Brennan Library has databases that contain both current and historical newspapers. These resources are listed under “Database Types” as News Outlets on the Database A-Z List.