So You Are Looking for a Specific Article

Search for an article from the LaserSearch. LaserSearch retrieves both online and print articles. Type in your keywords or the title of your article then click the Search button, as shown in the image below.

LaserSearch search box

Online articles have an icon identifying the type of article so you will see an icon for an academic journal, book or a periodical. Click on the PDF for the full-text article. 

LaserSearch Academic Journals Icon

On occasion, your article may not be readily available full-text (A visible PDF)

To limit any of the results, on the left panel under the Limit To and check Full Text, Peer-Reviewed or left-click on your mouse and move the cursor to the right or left to change the date range of the search results.

LaserSearch Limiter - Available Now

Don’t forget to check out the Research Starter at the top of the page. Research Starters are a great tool for authoritative information on your topic as well as links to additional resources.

LaserSearch Research Starter