Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

A peer reviewed article is reviewed by other experts or scholars in the field who judge the article for quality and new contributions of knowledge to the discipline. The best place to start your search is in a library database.

Limit Your Search to Only Peer Reviewed Sources

  • In the Brennan Library catalog or the Library's databases, look for a checkbox that limits the search to peer reviewed articles. 

The image below shows where to limit a search to peer-reviewed journals on the Brennan Library catalog.

 Peer Reviewed Limiter Screenshot

  • Some databases contain only peer reviewed journals. Search in one of these databases for peer reviewed articles.

Find Out More About the Journal

  • In a library database, you may be able to select the journal title link for more information about the journal from the editorial policy page.
  • Search Google with the title of the journal to look for an editorial policy page or a page for authors to find out if the journal uses a peer review process.

Watch the video below by the North Carolina State University Library to learn about the peer review process.

Link to video about peer review process