How to Save and Organize Your Sources

When you have a research project, you need to set up a system for keeping track of the sources you find and other information you collect during your research. Otherwise, you may find yourself scrambling at the deadline trying to remember where a quote you used came from.

Here are some tips to keep yourself organized:

    1. Create a folder to save articles, citations, and drafts of your assignment. 
      Most article databases offer tools for ease of emailing articles to yourself.

    2. Save all of your sources to the same place, such as a USB thumb drive, your personal computer, or OneDrive.
      allows you to save documents, images, and other files to the cloud, similar to Google Docs.
      It is 
      available through your email link for Office 365.

      Microsoft 365 Online Menu Bar

    3. Create a Word document or Google Doc for your notes and citation information for your research.

    4. Remember to back up all your documents to your personal computer if you are using a USB drive.

    5. For major research projects, try a citation management system.