Use What You Found to Find More

When you find a few relevant articles or books, use the information you have to find more sources for your research. Citations and article details contain useful information such as the article title, journal or book title, date, subjects, and the abstract (or summary). 

Use Details in the Brennan Library Catalog

If you find a relevant book in the catalog, you can find more details by clicking on the title of the book.  This can lead to more books on the same topic. The image below shows the title of the book in the Brennan Library catalog.

Laser Search Details Link Screenshot 1

Once the title is clicked, the Detailed Record will open and the side bar allows you to click on Other Books by this Author in order to find other books by the same author. The image below shows the link within the catalog record, and an arrow pointing to the author's name. Click this link to find other works by the same author.

Laser Search Details Link Screenshot 2

Use Bibliographies and References

Browse the bibliography or references at the end of a relevant book, article, or entry in a reference work. The image below shows a reference list. You can refer to these citations to find additional information about your research.

 References Example Image

Use Google Scholar to find out who cited the relevant work. The image below shows an article in Google Scholar. At the bottom, there is a link to see who cited the article under "Cited by..." along with links to see related article or other versions of this article.

 Book Example Screenshot

Watch the video below, "Using What You have Found to Find More," to see these skills in action.