Brennan Library can provide the article for you without charge. We will help you find full-text online access through one of our article databases or we will request the article from another library through Inter-Library Loan.

To find out whether the article that you need is part of Brennan Library collection, or whether or not to request that article through Inter-Library Loan (ILL):

  1. If you find an article citation by searching Laser Search or an EBSCO article database, please click the link that says Online Access from Lasell (for Laser Search) or Check Library Holdings (for an EBSCO article database) to find out if we offer the journal article full text.
    Please also check by date of the article.

    If you locate the article full text (entire article), then you have completed your process.
    If you have not located the full text article, then continue to Step 2-3:

  2. If you located the article through Laser Search, then please click the link that says Request this item through Inter-Library Loan. The link is located on the left portion of your screen.

  3. If you located the article through an article database, please fill out the following Request an Article form

For additional information please review our Inter-Library Loan Research Guide.

For assistance with finding sources for your research, please contact